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Otorhinolaryngology International Academic Conference
in conjunction with


Indonesian Annual Scientific Meeting Otology XIII


BALI | 25th - 27th October 2023

Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center Indonesia

Philosophy and History of International Academic Conference in ORL (ORLIAC)

Ladies and gentlemen, esteemed professors, colleagues, and researchers, we cordially invite you to be a part of a prestigious conference— the 12th The Otorhinolaryngology International Academic Conference (ORLIAC) in conjunction with the 13th Indonesian Annual Scientific Otology Meeting (PITO).

Let us take a moment to journey through time and delve into the captivating history of the renowned ORLIAC. The idea of bringing together basic scientists and clinicians in the field of ORL in an Academic environment was initiated more than 30 years ago. In 1984, Prof. Dr. Jan E. Veldman as the founder of ORLIAC and Prof. Bert Huizing initiated the first two International Academic Conferences that took place in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 1984 and 1986. Since then, the conference has been organized every second year. The topics that were covered primarily focussed on immunobiology, autoimmunity, transplantation, the newly developed techniques in rhinology, tumor immunology, and NOW COVERING THE WHOLE ASPECT OF OTORHINOLARYNGOLOGY.

Subsequent meetings were held in San Diego, USA (1990 ) under Brian McCabe and Jeff Harris; in Oita, Japan (1994) under Goro Mogi; in Siena, Italy (1998) under Desiderio Passali; in Jeju Island, South Korea, under Hee Nam Kim and In Yong Park; in Melbourne, Australia (2006) under Stephen O’Leary; in Spain under Rafael Urquiza (2012); in Kuala Lumpur (2015) under Lokman Saim; in Philippines (2018) under Charlotte Chiong; and most recent in Rome (2022) under Maurizio Barbara.

This year, the Indonesian Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Association (PERHATI-KL) is very excited to announce that we will hold the 12th The Otorhinolaryngology International Academic Conference (ORLIAC) in conjunction with the 13th Indonesian Annual Scientific Otology Meeting (PITO), on October 25th – 27th 2023 in Nusa Dua, Bali as we embark the spirit of East meets West in ORLIAC. This journey will undoubtedly open up broader horizons of knowledge and increase the capabilities of research and clinical applications.

To bring this to a close, let me quote a message from Prof. Jan E. Veldman “Do not go for the money. Learn from the best specialists” and “Let East meets West again in Bali, Indonesia with its side teaching Pre-Conference Events (Skull Base Surgery) on October 19th – 20th 2023 in Manila, Philippines, Temporal Bone Dissection PITO 23rd-24th 2023 in Bali and Post-Conference Events (Temporal Bone Dissection Course) on October 30th – November 3rd 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand .

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We thank you very much for your attention.

Looking forward to meet you in Bali

Marlinda Adham
Lina Lasminingrum
Andi Saputra

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